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Costumer Magazines.

No wonder that printed magazines are in vogue again. Being face-to- face with a monitor all day long, most of us are happy to accept analog offers again.

That`s why costumer magazines are an important element for a successfull communication.
We offer to develop and produce them in the full-service- production including the definition of your target group, generating editorial plans and all other steps of the editorial workflow.
We also assume the graphic design and print.


In our costumer magazines you find

•       on-site- reports about production
•       interviews
•       portraits
•       expressive photography
•       product information
•       recipes
•       entertaining content for kids
•       competitions with external cooperation partner - and much more.

Also in this context, we are focused on the food industry and trade. We write about fruit and vegetables, milk and diary products, wine - and maybe quite soon about you and your
company as well!
Behind the following link you can get a picture of what this could look like:


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